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Apr 20,2016

[Film Festival]Ayakamay / UNCONSCIOUS In Cuba Film Festival

Hola Amigos 🙂

Opening today, April 20 – 24th, in Gibara,Cuba Ayakamay / UNCONSCIOUS (A Short Documentary Film)
will be screened at the 2016 Cuban International Film Festival, 12 Festival Internacional del Cine Pobre.

The documentary follows performance artist, Ayakamay, as she performs
Unconscious Education through the eerie and seemingly desolate streets of Miami, Florida during the Art Basel Miami week. The film blurs the line between documentary and narrative as we travel down an emotional and visceral rabbit hole into the inner psyche of Ayakamay. Through bizarre imagery and a haunting score by New York electronic musician, Tim O’Keefe, Ayakamay / UNCONSCIOUS adds a different perspective to the photography and live performances of the Unconscious Education series created by Ayakamay.

The film was directed, shot and edited by New York filmmaker, Nicholas Motyka. Ayakamay performs alongside Azumi Oe & Seira Nakanshi,
who both took part in the original Unconscious Education series.

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