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Jan 5,2015

[Performance]Picture Perfect "Shunga"

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 4.22.55 PM

Ayakamay performaning her new work-in-progress piece “Picture Perfect” on new years eve at Ideal Glass for VIP open studio.

Dec 12,2014

[Prints]Unconscious Education #001 #002

Unconscious Education #001 「我々は無意識な教育に則り、正々堂々と戦うことを誓います 」, 2014

Unconscious Education #002 「我々は無意識な教育に則り、前へ習います」,2014

Dec 12,2014

[From Ayakamay]Success of Licht Feld Gallery


Congratulations to Licht Feld Gallery‬ from Basel Switzerland for the greatest success in the Art Basel week. I’m very proud to be part of the team as an artist AYAKAMAY.

Thank you so much for Fredy Hadorn to believe in me, MARCK for leading us winning success, Hubert Kretzschmar to be my best friend, Nimai Kesten, Harvey Dzodin, Brad Kahlhamer, Yumie Wada, Eric Kroll for giving me such a great time, Azumi Oe, Seira Nakanishi, Naoko Kitano, Shinya Fujita, Sakie, Mei, Marie Van Eersel for your talents and the biggest support with numerous effort especially for Willard Morgan and Ideal Glass to make everything happened.
I also appreciate to every one of you who got to see my art works, took it home with and experienced my performance. ARIGATOU.

I am one luckiest trash.


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