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Dec 10,2016



1. Das Komplex – Tonight, Good Night
2. Das Komplex Bonus Beat
3. In Flagranti – Pokkit Pokitt!! (Dub)
4. Mytron – You Only Live Once

Publishing: Top of The Month Music (ASCAP)
Produced by IN FLAGRANTI

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Disco’s kings of pawn shop gear, pound bin vinyl and flea market erotica return to their long running Codek imprint via this curious collaboration with New York based conceptual artist Ayakamay. The label tell me that this 12″ features remixes from Das Komplex & Mytron, though the lines between the originals and remixes seems to be pretty blurry. From what I can gather from a good old listen, In Flagranti have recorded some half-spoken/half-rapped Japanese vocals from Ayakamay, then the three production outfits have gone ba nay nay in their respective studios to create an EP of seriously wonky discoid sounds. Das Komplex opens the set with “Tonight, Good Night”, a lurid trip through futuristic street adverts and designer drugs featuring all kind of swirling, squidgy bass weirdness and grumping drums. Switching between fully funky disco segments and stuttering house breakdowns, this is one of the stranger tracks I’ve heard of late and is all the better for it. After a brief bit of “Bonus Beat” (when the beat’s this crazed, you know you’ll be rocking it), In Flagranti throw their hat into the dilated ring, toasting those spoken vocals over a deep, dubwise riddem awash with echo and sci-fi laser fire. It falls to London-based Mytron to bring the curtain down with the scuzzy disco of “You Only Live Once”. As you’d expect from a man who spends his fair share of studio time with In Flagranti’s Sasa, this wonky groove has all the VHS scuzz, cut and paste roughness and full scale sleaze of a vintage Codek release. This is music for the dingier disco.
– piccadillyrecords.com

It would be fair to say that In Flagranti’s latest EP, a collaborative affair alongside New York based performance artist Ayamakay, is one of the best things they’ve put out in ages. This is due in no small part to their smart choice of remixers. Polish dub-head Das Komplex does a terrific job on the A-side, stretching out a spacey, dubbed-out groove, before twisting “Tonight, Good Night” into a bustling, dub disco masterpiece. For those who dig the Idjuts style disco dub drums, he’s also delivered a tasty Bonus Beat version. On the flip, In Flagranti themselves deliver a smoker-friendly Dub of “Pokkit Pokkit”, while Dutchman-in-London gives “You Only Live Once” the full glitch-clad punk-funk treatment.
–  juno.co.uk

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